Tuesday, 4 August 2009

New Toy

Although I have only had my current camera for less than a year, I have put around 30,000 photos through it. That’s my justification for ordering a new camera – not that I need to justify it to anyone! It’s the latest version (Panasonic Lumix FZ38) of the same camera I have at present, and it’s not released until later this month. I shopped around for the best deal of course, and the company I ordered it from claims they will have their stock in on the 14th August. Everyone else reckons it won’t be out until the 23rd, so I am not holding my breath for the 14th. Being a real gadget freak, I am very excited about having another new toy to play with. It has a brighter lens at full zoom (f4.4 against f5.6 on my old one); a lower ISO (80 against 100); better image stabilisation (and I was extremely impressed with the old one!); superior HD video (not that I use the video function that much); and more mega-pixels (12 against 10 – although I find this a bit of mixed blessing; they do take up so much more room on the disk/memory card). All in all it is a better camera. The only function I am concerned about on the new camera is being able to set minimum shutter speed. I find that facility really useful on the FZ28, but the specification I have read about the FZ38 does not mention this. I hope that is just an oversight on the write-up. Watch this space.

Soft and moist

I am worried about my mum’s eating. She has been told quite categorically that she must only eat food that is soft and moist. She doesn’t. She seems to eat more or less what she fancies, without thinking of the consequences. I am at my wits end with her. There could be a number of reasons why she does not want to conform:

She doesn’t understand the implications of eating the wrong food.

She doesn’t know the possible consequences, but doesn’t care. “I am going to die from this disease anyway, so I might as well eat what I like.

She eats what my father gives her and he doesn’t understand either, or can’t be bothered to cook soft and moist.

I think it is a combination of all three, but it does worry me no end. I try to talk to her about it gently, but she just shrugs her shoulders. My mum is notorious for burying her head in the sand when there are problems.

So, this weekend I decided to take matters into my own hands, and cooked up a whole batch of soft and moist foods for her – 104 meals in total! That’ll keep them going for a while.

I know my parents are grateful for the food, but as most people their age, they have funny ways of showing it. My mother asked on Saturday: "Are we still coming for dinner tomorrow?" and my dad grumbled on Sunday when I brought the second lot over: "I hope the portions aren't too big!" Bless.